How to Eliminate Money Discussions

Myth: If my wife and I talk about money, we end up arguing.
Truth: You will never have a solid relationship until you can communicate and agree on the money.

Marriage is not a partnership or business association.

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“You pay those bills, I pay those others.” Separating accounts and money is a very bad idea. The priest or pastor in the marriage said, “and now they will merge into one being or one flesh.”

Both spouses have to get involved with finances.

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We will be involved at different levels. The most meticulous, cautious, economical thing I call smart can take the initiative, but it should involve what you like to spend.

If you are married and have a fight over finances, it is a normal marriage. If this is a problem for you, it also means it offers many opportunities to improve your relationship. Maybe we can reach a point where we agree with the money. And I am not talking about reaching agreement by force, but by mutual agreement talking and understanding each other’s point of view.

If we agree with the checkbook, the discussion will only be the one who handles TV control.

The reality is that many people are struggling financially

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Especially married people who disagree with the money. But it is believed impossible to agree on money because it forgets to correct the little things that can transform a marriage that is suffering to become a successful one.

When you have problems with your money, will you go to the neighbor to tell them how to solve your problems? Of course not. It is not the neighbor’s duty and the government’s obligation to solve their problems. It is your responsibility to provide financial peace for your family. The biggest step to fixing it all is to sit down with your husband / wife coping and admit that there are things that need to change.

After putting the kids to bed, turn off the TV, sit down with your spouse to have a nice conversation. Let’s put it all on the table: money issues, communication issues, trust issues, whatever.

Must be open and honest.

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If you know how and how you feel, then it is easier to work out together as a couple. If lack of a budget contributed to the discussions and financial problems, I have good news: It is not difficult to make a budget. Many people have given a bad reputation but it is not difficult. A budget is simply telling your money what to do instead of asking where it went. They just need a paper and a pencil.

Write down details how much money you will make together this month. If they won $ 2,800 don’t put then $ 3,000. Now below write down your expenses: rent, electricity, utility room, clothing, insurance, etc. Once you realize how much you get out and how much you get in, it’s easy to adjust so you don’t spend more than you earn. It’s that simple. The hardest thing is to turn off the TV and do it. It takes math grade 3.

If you do that, you will take control of the money and your money problems will end. They will have better communication, confidence, peace and much more fun in their marriage.